Friday, December 9, 2016


Mysterious Tunnel


my environment will be a dark sprawling forest like something you would see in a fantasy movie
not really much else to say about it that's what my scene for my capstone is.
these are some references of what i'm looking for.

Environment Set - Thomas Fitzjohn

The idea - A lone tower in a wasteland. Four figures overlook the tower.

Environment Set Design

Bob Ross. I guess it works with the stuff I've already drawn previously.
Seriously. Anything like what Bob Ross has ever done.

Mountains. Lush trees. Deciduous trees.
I might have to add an animal in there though. Bear or Fox. Wide shot.
Slight story would be an abandoned cabin in the woods by a rather still lake, mountain backdrop, by dawn. The wilderness kinda took it over, so vines are climbing along the cabin walls with a couple of creatures (probably the bear or fox) living there. The creature would be outside though. Potentially the bear or fox is sitting lakeside.


Environment- Ryan Persad


Environment Lori A

Landscape/Environment RouleauC

Landscape Creation

Environment - Southern Garage

To make the composition, I took around 12 photos and bashed them all together. Then painted over them. adjusted a large amount of the values and got them to work together Below is the final result.

I then took the value and painted over it to make the colored version.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Environment Idea- Island In The Sky


Set in prehistoric times when most creatures were larger than most humans. This environment is set in a cave above a large expanse of forest and mountains in the distance.

Thursday, November 24, 2016


 Tropical Environment 

My plan for making this environment is to look up tropical and bright reference. The idea of what it would be would be that it would be a bluff overlooking an ocean, with vibrant and loud colors. It would have a bright palette composed of greens and blues, gradually getting brighter from side to side.

Line art coloring and shading reference 

Friday, November 18, 2016

Envrionment concept

The Raventalon Peaks

This mountain range resides far in the north, littered with tall peaks, stone black as can be covered with pure white snow. On the largest peak resides a large monastery, filled with monks that follow a deity called the Raven Queen, a goddess that watches over the passing of one's life. These peaks are fairly desolate, with little wildlife, except for some small groups of rabbits, some large birds of prey, and of course, ravens.

Friday, November 11, 2016


Set Design

Room of a young girl, full of clutter. Room seems to be in an older house with objects built together with various pieces (home is in a shanty town like area). Full of shelves and objects, girl seems to be into techy and geeky things. Seems messy, but is actually kind of organised.