Friday, November 25, 2016

Environment Idea- Island In The Sky


Set in prehistoric times when most creatures were larger than most humans. This environment is set in a cave above a large expanse of forest and mountains in the distance.

Thursday, November 24, 2016


 Tropical Environment 

My plan for making this environment is to look up tropical and bright reference. The idea of what it would be would be that it would be a bluff overlooking an ocean, with vibrant and loud colors. It would have a bright palette composed of greens and blues, gradually getting brighter from side to side.

Line art coloring and shading reference 

Friday, November 18, 2016

Envrionment concept

The Raventalon Peaks

This mountain range resides far in the north, littered with tall peaks, stone black as can be covered with pure white snow. On the largest peak resides a large monastery, filled with monks that follow a deity called the Raven Queen, a goddess that watches over the passing of one's life. These peaks are fairly desolate, with little wildlife, except for some small groups of rabbits, some large birds of prey, and of course, ravens.

Friday, November 11, 2016


Set Design

Room of a young girl, full of clutter. Room seems to be in an older house with objects built together with various pieces (home is in a shanty town like area). Full of shelves and objects, girl seems to be into techy and geeky things. Seems messy, but is actually kind of organised.




Environment Layout: Coral Reef

Since I have designed my own scene for my capstone, I have decided to properly paint it out. I have already done some preliminary sketches for it. My concept includes the plane I made for the last assignment. It has been years since it crashed into the reef, slowly becoming one with it as aquatic life dwells within and around it. The reef itself is a rocky, enclosed underwater grotto. While the reef itself looks quite natural, as a twist, I have chosen to make it like a textile diorama. The natural features of the reef will be made of different fabrics, and the plane, like in my vehicle assignment, will be a toy. The colour scheme will also be pastels.

Environment Set

For my environment it will be in the forest where my capstone creature lives, I may include the crashed plane that the creatures live in. The plane is on the edge of the forest facing either a pond or a tall grass field. Tall trees, similar flowers that are on my capstone creature and a fallen tree.

Vehicle Concept

My vehicle is the lead car on a train. It has a bulky design heavily inspired by Steam Trains and industrial machinery. Initially I wanted my vehicle to be a magical train powered by a bound spirit, although I found myself struggling to display this concept in an effective way.



Dragon Orca Motorcycle

Vehicle Concept Idea

For my character.

Cutesie. Related to my previous drawings. Not necessarily a car; more like a hover scooter or bike.

Not big. Regular human sized. Portable. Design is probably what you'd expect from like... 80s futuristic scooter, but a bit less bland and more character. Potentially has wings; not of a bird but of a airline plane (but not big at all, just used for stabilizing). That or more hovering things instead of wings.

Futuristic Space Ship

This spaceship is a ship designed for long distance flights in space. It has a sleek, modern design and is only used to transportation, as it has no weapons.

Vehicle: Bone Scooter, ryan persad




Color Keys


Super Hover Jet MarkV

Super Hover Jet MarkV

The Super Hover Jet MarkV is actually based on a vehicle i built as a child from a
Kraft Macaroni and Cheese box and a couple motors. The idea was to make a remote control hovercraft that had enough propulsion to stay above water. Sadly, the land test worked, okay... ish but the water test completely failed and i lost my creation. So in remembrance of my lost toy here is the Super Hover Jet MarkV.

The colour scheme chosen was the colour scheme it had back then, although crudely painted i thought the colours worked well for the fun toy look.


Friday, November 4, 2016

Vehicle Concept

My concept now is that there is a broken down light aircraft plane that my character and capstone creature have moved into.