Friday, October 28, 2016

Vehicle Concept

My vehicle concept will be a large tank with a very rough and industrial theme to it. Very rusted, it has been used a lot but has fought in many battles in it's day. It has been repaired over and over again, and it will show a lot of wear in many places.


My creature is a giant Elder bear, who has different features from most other bears

I took inspiration in the head and paws from bears, and to show more strength I used the shape of a Bison, and added horns to the head, and a longer tail

Vehicle Creation

The vehicle will be a hover craft capable of space travel. designed to be used for quick travel and able to bring a decent amount a firepower to bear when needed. the craft is only meant for one or two people in order to minimize size and help the craft be a little more stealth. this also allows that craft to traverse planet surfaces without the need for massive amounts of engine power to break the planet's gravity well.




Colour Test


Vehicle Concept: Toy Plane

My vehicle will be the sunken plane that will be featured in my capstone. It will be based on the WW1 Grumman Avenger fighter plane, with pieces broken off of it and coral growing on it. It will also look more like a toy to fit in with my textile motif.

car ya!!!

concept car by Mason Meisel

my vehicle will be a car that an adventurer would drive someone who explores the world for hidden artifacts always on a new thrill seeking adventure. the car will be very beat up with paint peeling off, cracks and dents, maybe some camping supplies strapped to the top with some mods all over the place like with the headlights and doors.
that pretty much the over-all idea of the vehicle

Creature Design - Thomas Fitzjohn

My creature design is a brown-black elk. It's horns and hooves burn with fiery embers. Locals consider a sighting to be a dark omen.

Creature Design

To connect this creature with my capstone, this creature is another 
sort of mythical guardian however much smaller. It's a mix of either
 a cat and a bird or a deer and a bird. It has wings however they aren't 
overly huge, has a smoother face with a similar crystal orb on 
his forehead like my capstone creature on its belly.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Mech Friend

MF-16 is a robust travel companion designed to help you during your long voyages.

He has a stylish hat.
Designed to look formal, so that you can be presented professionally during your travels.
A display screen for a face so he can easily communicate using emotions.
A carrying back pack so that you can comfortably store your belongings on him.


Black and White

Color Keys


Creature Assignment



Black and White

Color Keys



Friday, October 21, 2016


My creature will be a feline like animal. It lives in Japan, and its home is a busy street side restaurant that its owner runs. It is very agile and playful. Customers have grown fond of it and will often feed it their food, because its big eyes are nearly impossible to resit. 


Vermin Creature

Rat Skeleton. Muscles done in preparation

Orthographic Views

Value/colour keys, Finished render