Friday, October 14, 2016

Game Character

This character will be made for a stealth game, so, he/she must wear sneaky clothing. The theme of my stealth game being high medieval fantasy, because of this, my character will be a rogue with some magical powers, due to the special mechanic in the game, a dash that essentially teleports you forward a short distance, most likely using a magic dagger of some kind. A long, dark cloak with a hood, simple shirt covering some light leather armor and leather pads on the legs. Long cuffed leather boots, as well as long fingerless leather gloves. Hair should either be short, or very long in a ponytail or the like. Should have a laid back attitude, maybe a little cocky even, that crooked kind of stance with one hand on the hip, maybe throwing their dagger into the air. He/she was caught by some royal knights, stealing an artifact, and was jailed. Now, with some quickly done distractions, he/she has escaped the prison cell and gotten above ground along with whatever gear they had leftover being held in a chest nearby. They must escape the city without encountering patrolling guards using the cover of the night.

- Average height (5'6"/5'10" or 6 to 7 heads tall)
- dark clothing that blends with the nighttime
- a long cloak
- very short or very long hair that is tied up
- a magic dagger
- light leather armor, mostly hidden underneath basic clothing
- cocky, laidback attitude, crooked hand on hip pose throwing a dagger in the air

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