Friday, October 7, 2016

Character Idea

Character Concept:

Vampire Rogue/Bandit.

Once a noble, was cast out from his clan for breaking the number 1 rule to vampires: killing a human without the intention of feeding from them. He lives his life in the night on a constant run from those of his former clan, sent to kill him. His only current goal in his endless life is getting by. He will kill, use, befriend, and betray anyone he needs to make that happen. Experiments with modern-technology, continuously looking for ways to further improve his lifestyle.

-excellent sword fighter
-smell of blood and dirt
-old scar across neck, from when he was turned
-mask that hangs from his shoulder, only used when needed
-thin, silver sword hanging from belt
-clothes are leftover from his time as a noble. Very high class, but tattered.
-Pale skin, long, disheveled black hair
-Carries a handgun he obtained from an encounter with a cop

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