Friday, October 7, 2016

Character Concept

Character Design Concept

Young girl, around age 8-10, travelling in a post-apocalyptic area with her pet dog. Girl gives off somewhat ‘tough’ demeanor, holding a lollipop and giving an annoyed look, while still dressed in cutesy clothing (pink sweater dress, bow in hair). Clothes are ripped and a bit dirty. Dog is a large German shepherd, almost the size of the girl. Both are carrying multiple backpacks/shoulder bags and supplies, implying that they are constantly travelling. Another rolling luggage bag is sitting beside them. Girl has leash for dog, holding it loosely. 

Scene is an abandoned train station that has been overgrown. Graffiti on the walls, and a tree is growing through the building. One train track in front of the station is destroyed, the other track is still intact with a train approaching to stop. *Scrapped the scene due to time constraints but I'll leave this here in case I revisit the drawing later


Inspiration Board

Value Sketch
Final Colour

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