Friday, October 7, 2016

Character Idea

Bojack Horseman-like. Maybe going into furry territory but I'm not a furry. Just saying.

In this world, animals can also be anthropomorphic. Though they still do retain their animalistic traits. My character will potentially have fur and a tail, but with opposable thumbs.

Husky/Wolf-like head. Leaning towards someone with puppy-like head. Cute-looking; gorgeous; but very gruff and aggressive. Livin' the wild life. Lumberjack-like outfit; torn jeans, shorts/pants. That or trench coat. Rolled sleeves. Jacked up. But he's a friendly guy, y'know? He likes to get along with people. He tries hardest to be the best he can be. He doesn't like grapes or chocolate. His favorite flower is tulips however. He has a scar on his forearm from an accident whilst having an instantaneous playfight session with his toy.

He's balanced. He knows what he wants. He's a tough but loving guy. Works out brah. Loves showing off. Guns are alright. He's kinda into hunting. Favorite color is red.

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