Friday, October 14, 2016

Character Concept

Character Concept:

- Child 2-6 years old
- Small & pudgy toddler
- Tangled ginger hair, vibrant freckles
- Adventurous explorer
- Dirt smudges, patched clothes, big mischievous grin

Kitty's Home!

Final Character:
I kept the same general concept but adapted the character into a young cat. The capstone environment I'm working on has a quaint cottage surrounded by pools of calm water, and I wanted to incorporate that into my character better. I also tried to carry over the vibrancy of the colours from the original. This kitten fishes in the water outside her home, but being still young and living on her own she's a bit of a mess. She pretties herself up with a piece of yarn tying up her hair and some colourful patches on her dress sewn from old pillows.
Final Rendering

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