Friday, September 16, 2016

value sketch

1800's town, on an ominous night.

Value Thumbnail

Original Concept
I originally started thinking about the idea of showing some gallows with people hanging. As the ideas developed, I doodled a barn burning with a group of shady figures surrounding the barn. I liked the idea and started to go forward with it. Unfortunately, I was drawing in a sketchpad last class, so I don't have the original sketch here, so here's a 5 minute digital version.

Witch Burning

Witch Burning

1800s Village. Setting right after the burning. sun is rising over the mountains as people trail away from the fire site.

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In the 1800's, witch hunts happen weekly. The local covenant has had enough and decide to send a message. In the dead of night they abduct one of the young women from the village and burn her at the stake.

Value Painting - Thumbnails

1800's horse and buggy, royal family/someone important entering the town.
Whole town is there to see them. Leaning towards the night version thumbnail.

Value Painting - Witch Burning

1800's witch burning. Witch is running from the villagers chasing her with a torch. Set at night time. Witch is seen rounding a corner in the distance, light background surrounding her, intending to make her look like the innocent party. Villager in the front lit only by his torch, surrounded by darkness, giving an ominous look. 

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Not quite done unfortunately.


Quick value painting